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Why Hanak is my hook of choice? by Almero Retief

Posted by Ivo Balinov on

Like most fly fishers out there, I have spent a significant amount of time and money in search of the proverbial ‘UBER hook’. In the end my decision to switch to (and now exclusively use) Hanak competition hooks, was informed by 5 key factors:

  • Fit-for-purpose: designed, field tested, and fished by top national and international competitive fly fishers
  • Durable: quality hi carbon steel delivers barbless hooks that can take a beating and land big or small fish with ease
  • Sharp: chemically sharpened hooks provide superior penetration and hook sets
  • Wide selection: available in popular sizes and covers all types of flies and patterns
  • Wet and stillwater flies: H 260 BL and H 230 BL

  • Spiders: H 260 BL
  • Dry flies: H 130 BL and H 390 BL (Klinkhammer)

  • Blobs: H 500 BL, H 260 BL, H 230 BL

  • Boobies: H 500 BL (Allround) and H 230 BL
  • Lures: H 230 BL
  • Nymphs: H 450 BL (Jig Superb), H480BL (Jig Champion), H400BL (Jig Classic), H 470 BL (Jig Wave), and H 300 BL (original Czech nymph)

  • Perdigons: H 450 BL (Jig Superb) and H 260 BL
  • Buzzers: H 310 BL

  • Streamers: H 900 BL and H 950 BL (XL)

  • Bang for buck: you get what you pay for – a quality hook at a reasonable price!

I may not believe in Zombies, or the need to stockpile for survival in a post Zombie apocalypse, but I do see the need and value of having a healthy supply of Hanak hooks!

Tight lines, Almero

More About Almero:

Almero has been fishing for over 35 years. His fly fishing journey started back in South Africa, but it was really only after moving to Canada in 2010 that his interest and passion for fly fishing got elevated to the next level. He is a regular on the streams and lakes of Ontario, Quebec, and the Adirondacks. He also fly fished across Scotland (2012) and Ireland (2017). In 2016 he joined the Eastern Canada Competitive Fly Fishing League and since then has been mentored by some of Canada’s best competitive fly fishing anglers and our Smart Angling team to help him in his quest of becoming a holistic fly fisherman - one who ties and swings flies with equal passion. Almero is a very skillful tyer who obsessively crafts armies of flies for all species and fishing occasions.


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